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A method and apparatus for removing faulty or damaged pipe from beneath an earthfill such as a roadway or the like and simultaneously replacing the faulty pipe with a length of new pipe, the invention allows rapid and economic replacement and/or repair of old or damaged plastic or metal piping such as is used as conduits in rural water supply systems and the like. The apparatus includes a length of steel cable having a free end which is pushed through a section of pipe being removed and replaced, the other end of the cable having a threaded adaptor fixed thereto and which is smaller in diameter than the inner diameter of the smallest pipe which would be removed according to the invention. The adaptor is connected to an inner end of a hollow cylindrical replacement member which has an outer diameter greater than the diameter of the pipe being replaced and which is open at the outer end and sized to receive one end of the new pipe which is to be installed, one end of the new pipe being anchored within the displacement member. The inner end of the displacement member abuts the end of the pipe being replaced and pushes that pipe through the earthfill when the cable is pulled through from the opposite side of the fill, the new pipe being thus pulled through the earthfill to replace the pipe being removed. Fluid lubrication apertures in the replacement member facilitate pipe removal and replacement.

Apparatus for removing and replacing pipe beneath an earthfill
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January 23, 1985
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January 20, 1987
Flounoy W Boles
P.O. Box 847, East Tallassee, 36023
F16L 1/00
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