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A laser beam scanning device is disclosed and which includes an optical system that is mounted on a carriage which is movable back and forth along a linear path in front of a target area and which is parallel to the optical path of a projected laser beam. The lens system includes a component on the carriage which is arranged in the optical path for the laser beam and serves to project the laser beam along a second optical path toward the target area and which is normal to the first optical path. The optical system also includes a focusing lens on the carriage which is arranged in the second optical path for focusing the laser beam on the target area. A pair of lenses that are mounted on the carriage as part of the optical system are arranged to form a collimating telescope so as to expand and then collimate the laser beam light for delivery to the focusing lens. The collimating lens of the pair is movable relative to the carriage along a path which is normal to the optical path so as to thereby shift the focal point in the target area. The device utilizes stepping motors for moving the carriage and collimating lens. The device is shown as a component of a laser marking system where the laser system and scanning device are controlled by a computerized control system.

Laser beam scanning device and marking system
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March 1, 1984
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January 13, 1987
Dennis R Bellar
U S Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks
Laser Photonics
G02B 26/08
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