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A surgical suture and a delivery system for positioning and inserting the suture is disclosed. The suture includes a base member having two substantially parallel, rigid, barbed shafts upstanding therefrom. The delivery system includes a hollow sleeve member having an elongate cross section with the long dimension of the cross section sufficient to accommodate the width of the base member. In use, the end of the hollow sleeve is positioned adjacent a body tissue wound which is to be repaired and the suture is inserted into the tissue by pushing the suture through the sleeve by means of a pusher member. If necessary, a starter member is first pushed through the sleeve to provide started openings in the tissue into which the barbed shafts are then inserted.

Surgical suture
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March 29, 1984
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January 13, 1987
Saul N Schreiber
6525 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, 85012
Weiss & Associates
A61B 17/04
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