04635410 is referenced by 18 patents and cites 17 patents.

A decorative fabric wall system includes a connecting frame adhesively attached to wall to define an area to be covered and a corresponding stretcher frame of rigid magnetic frame members for magnetically connecting the fabric to the wall-mounted frame. The fabric is adhered to the fabric frame on an adhesive layer over the magnetic strip, and, thereby, covers and conceals the frame. The fabric is sandwiched between the corresponding magnets of the wall and fabric frame members, stretched taut across the predetermined area defined by the frames. A bonded polyester batting insulation with at least one vacuum deposited, aluminized plastic surface to form a vapor/reflective layer is placed within the margin of the framework, and is supported by the fabric.

Decorative fabric wall system
Application Number
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Application Date
April 17, 1985
Publication Date
January 13, 1987
James F Chumbley
16018 Inglewood Rd., Bothell, 98011
John C Hammar
E04B 1/00
A47H 23/00
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