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Transmitting information from a central receiver and recorder utilizes plural series-connected transmission modules, each connected to a respective data acquisition unit. The transmission modules are sequentially connected along plural transmission lines, at least two of which are outgoing data transmission lines for transmitting information from the central receiver and recorder to the acquisition units. At least two other lines are incoming data transmission units to the central receiver and recorder. Each transmission module has, for each outgoing line, respective line receivers, informaiton decoders, line transmitters and matrices of transmission line selectors controlled by individual information decoders, and a selector unit which ensures that a signal from a selected outgoing transmission line is transmitted to the next module on all outgoing transmission lines. At least one of the incoming data transmission lines is a spare line, the other being connected to a coupling matrix which inlcudes an input selector, a data selector, and an output selector for each ordinary line, and one output selector for the spare line. Each input selector chooses whether the transmitted signal travels via the spare line or the associated ordinary line. The data selector chooses whether the resulting signal is transmitted further or data from its own data acquisition unit enters the data stream. The output selector chooses whether the new resulting signal is transmitted further only on its ordinary line or is also transmitted further on a spare line. Each set of input selectors, data selectors and output selectors belonging to the spare line are controlled from the information decoder belonging to the selected outgoing transmission via individual multiplexers.

Data transmission system for seismic streamers
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November 28, 1983
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January 6, 1987
Paul Fredriksen
Kjell Hatteland
Otto Benestad
Holman & Stern Chartered
Geophysical Company
G01V 1/38
G01V 1/22
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