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An apparatus is disclosed for displaying a video program in an automobile to backseat passengers. The apparatus includes one portion which securely accomodates a TV. To it is rotatably coupled a panel which securely accomodates the VCR and can be swung against the first portion to form a space for protecting the the TV and VCR from damage. One embodiment includes a padded head portion and two panels respectively suspended therefrom by a hinge. The rearward surface of the head portion has an opening in which a television set is secured and through which the screen is visible. Padding in the head is provided for passenger safety. Audio is available from an assembly mounted on the rear panel. Video tape playback is provided by a VCR mounted on the front panel. All the components are combined in a single unit to be easily installed into and removed from the automobile. The panels are sized so that when both are swung upward into the folded position, the rear panel protects the screen of the television set and the front panel positions the VCR in a space formed between the two panels. In another embodiment, two panels form the main elements. One panel accomodates a flat panel screen type of TV and the other panel holds the VCR and an audio assembly. The two panels are hingeably connected to each other so they can be folded to form a space therebetween into which the TV and VCR are placed.

Portable video and audio equipment holder for use in an automobile
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September 13, 1985
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January 6, 1987
Lee S Weinblatt
797 Winthrop Rd., Teaneck, 07666
Thomas Langer
H04N 7/18
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