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A mounting system for mounting a face guard on a football helmet, wherein the face guard is able to pivot about a horizontal axis about the top portion of the helmet. The improved mounting arrangement includes a pair of straps in the form of loops which enclose wire segments of the face guard. The straps are mounted to be in tension when the face guard encounters a frontal force. The straps are comprised of a resilient polyurethane material and are dimensioned so that most of the shock force encountered by the face guard due to blows thereon is absorbed by the tension mounted straps. The straps include a tapered end portion and an enlarged neck portion to provide sufficient resiliency yet sufficient rigidity to protect the player and to prevent the face guard from being permanently distorted. The head portions of the straps are dimensioned so that the face guard, in case of an injury to the player, can be pivoted past the head portions about the horizontal axis without distortion of the face guard. Since the face guard is mounted sufficiently far back on the helmet, a universal size face guard can be utilized.

Tension mounting for face guard
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May 3, 1985
Publication Date
January 6, 1987
Kenneth W Nimmons
John F Hoffman
Anthony Niewyk
Schutt Manufacturing Co
A42B 3/00
A41D 13/00
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