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An office partition is formed by interconnection at adjacent posts of screens each comprising a load-carrying frame of posts and rails. Cladding panels are demountably supported on each face of the frame at an outward clearance from the posts and rails. Each cladding panel has on its concealed face a pair of horizontally spaced frame members formed with lower and upper slots to engage respectively with (a) out-turned tongues of hinge clips on the lower of said pair of rails, and (b) by means of spring latch in the upper of said slots with catches under the upper of said pair of rails. At least one cable carrier in the screen extends along and is supported by a rail, so that electrical wiring laid in the cable carrier of one screen can pass out of the screen in the gap between a panel and a post or rail and can pass in the gap between the panels and the posts across the posts to the cable carrier of the adjoining screen. The partition may be used in association with a desk that stands against or is supported by the partition, which is provided with one or more cable carriers as aforesaid defining open channels for lay-in electrical cables that run along the screen above the desk. A latched cladding panel immediately above the desk defines an access panel that is held closely spaced from a frame of the screen to permit cables to pass from the channel or channels onto the desk and opens to expose the channels.

Office screens and partitions
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April 22, 1986
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December 30, 1986
Michael D Charman
Shoemaker and Mattare
Vickers Public Company
E04F 19/06
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