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There is disclosed an arrangement for applying a tissue adhesive based on human or animal proteins to seamlessly or seam-supportingly connect human or animal tissue or organ parts, to seal wounds, stop bleedings and the like. The tissue adhesive is formed in situ by combining solutions of the proteins and of blood-clot-promoting coagulation factors. The arrangement includes a plurality of containers ending in joining pieces for accommodating the components to be applied. A connecting head is attachable to the joining pieces of the containers, which includes a separate conveying channel for each of the components to be applied. In order to design an arrangement of the above defined kind to be troublefree and to render it usable even for hardly accessible application sites, without requiring an exchange of parts of the arrangement at an interruption of the component flow, and to be able to use it with and without the help of an endoscope, the connecting head includes an additional conveying channel for a medicinal gas. This channel leads to the front side of the connecting head parallel and closely adjacent the remaining conveying channels. The connecting head is continued in either a multi-lumen catheter containing a gas-conveying channel or in a mixing needle.

Apparatus for applying a tissue adhesive
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February 26, 1985
Publication Date
December 23, 1986
Georg Habison
Heinz Redl
Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis
Immuno Aktiengesellschaft fur chemisch medizinische Produkte
A61M 5/00
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