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A visual prosthesis for blindness due to retinal malfunction includes a compact device having a close-packed array of photosensitive devices on one surface thereof. A plurality of electrodes extend from the opposed surface of the device and are connected to the outputs of the photosensitive devices. The device is adapted to be inserted in the posterior chamber of the eye, generally disposed at the focal plane of the optical pathway and impinging on the retina. Anchoring means secure the device with the electrodes operatively connected to the neuron array at the surface of the retina to stimulate the neurons in a pattern corresponding to the illumination pattern of the photosensitive array. The device is powered by externally induced electromagnetic or radio frequency energy, and is encased in a biologically inert housing. An amplifier array may be interposed between the sensing elements and the electrodes to amplify, shape, and time-process the visual signals.

Method and apparatus for visual prosthesis
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July 23, 1985
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December 16, 1986
Robin P Michelson
886 Edgewood Rd., Redwood City, 94062
Townsend and Townsend
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