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The disclosure is directed to improvements in an apparatus for generating an image from an input video signal. A semiconductor device is provided, the device having an array of spaced charge storage electrodes thereon. An elastomer layer is disposed on the semiconductor device, over the array of charge storage electrodes. The elastomer layer has a thickness in the range between one-tenth and one times the average spacing between charge storage electrodes. At least one conductive layer is disposed over the elastomer layer. The semiconductor device is responsive to the input video signal to selectively apply voltages between the charge storage electrodes and the at least one conductive layer to cause deformations of the conductive layer and the elastomer layer. An optical subsystem is provided for converting deformations of the at least one conductive layer into an image, for example using a Schleirin optical system. In a preferred embodiment, a plastic pellicle layer is disposed between the elastomer layer and the at least one conductive layer. This plastic pellicle layer is useful during the fabrication of the device, and also serves to protect the at least one conductive layer against elements in the elastomer layer that might have a degrading effect thereon.

Solid state light modulator structure
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January 30, 1984
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December 2, 1986
William E Glenn
Fort Lauderdale
New York Institute of Technology
H04N 5/74
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