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A procedure and a means for telemetric measurement of heartbeat and ECG signal, according to the procedure a person's heartbeat or ECG signal being measured in a suitable part of the body and transmitted from a separate transmitter means to a separate receiver means. The telemetric data transfer is carried out, using the magnetic proximity field, by controlling magnet coils in the transmitter unit, with the heartbeat or ECG signal detected in the body and amplified, the magnetic field produced by the magnet coils being essentially multidimensional, and by detecting in the receiver the magnetic field with a coil structure having at least partially an equivalent directional pattern of the magnetic field.

Procedure and means for telemetric measuring of heartbeat and ECG signal, using a magnetic proximity field
Application Number
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July 18, 1984
Publication Date
December 2, 1986
Seppo Saynajakangas
Koykkyrintie 20, 90440 Kempele
Martin Smolowitz
A61B 5/02
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