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In surgery, especially in microsurgery, the joining of blood vessel ends or other tubular organs, anastomosis, consumes a considerable part of the time. In order to carry out anastomosis rapidly and reliably a surgical instrument (1) is provided with two clamping means (2, 3), each being arranged to support a fastening means (5a, 5b) consisting of a ring with axially directed pins (6). The clamping means (2, 3) are rotatably connected to the instrument and can be actuated by mechanism (i.a. 7) to be turned towards each other to join the fastening means (5a, 5b) and vessels or organs (50, 51) threaded onto these. The invention also relates to fastening means 5a, 5b) shaped in such a manner that they are retained in the clamping means (2, 3) of the instrument until the joining is accomplished.

Surgical instrument for performing anastomosis
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February 21, 1984
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November 25, 1986
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