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The reception, downconversion and retransmission of the 1575.42 MH.sub.z Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite signal is accomplished by the following. First, an RF stage comprising of an antenna, filter and preamplifier receiver, filters and amplifies the 1575.42 MH.sub.z signals. Following the RF stage, a converter stage, consisting of a bandpass filter, converts the GPS signal to a lower frequency. Then, an Intermediate Frequency (IF), comprising an IF amplifier, multiplier, bandpass filter and limiter further amplifies and filters the signals to remove the effects of the signals. A final downconverter converts the signal to a base band frequency and in a zero crossing detector the signal is amplified and 1 bit quantized. Finally, a local oscillator controls a frequency synthesizer to latch the signal from the zero crossing detector in a flip flop, which in turn is used to control a quadraphase monitor, whose signals are amplified and transmitted out the transmit antenna.

Transdigitizer for relaying signals from global positioning system (GPS) satellites
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
October 31, 1984
Publication Date
November 11, 1986
Edwin E Westerfield
Silver Spring
William G Auton
Donald J Singer
The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Air Force
H04B 7/185
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