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In order to be able to use the combination of a commercially available type of television receiver (1) with a commercially available type of video tape recorder (3) or video disk recorder, additionally also as a home computer, a data and address bus (32) is provided for additionally in the television receiver, to which there are connected a processor module 30, a computer module (33), a data storage (34), and a character generator (35). A computer control circuit (41) switches the equipment combination into a computer operational state in which the deflection circuit (40) and the video signal amplifier circuit (6) for the picture tube (7), are connected to the output of the character generator, and the recording and reproducing lines (21) of the video tape or video disk recorder are connected via a code converter (42) to the data and address bus (32). The user program (44) as selected by the user with the aid of a keyboard (10) or a light pen (26), is stored from the video tape (43) or the video disk into the data storage. The conversational operation (dialogue) with the user is effected during the execution of the selected user program, via the screen (36) of the television receiver and the keyboard (10) or the light pen (26). With the aid of an additional circuit arrangement in the television receiver, which is substantially smaller than an additional home computer would be, the much used consumer electronics equipment combination is given a full or adequate and highly flexible home computer function.

Consumer electronics equipment combination consisting of a television receiver and of a video recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Application Number
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March 18, 1983
Publication Date
November 4, 1986
Wolfgang Schroder
Charles Schepers
Donald J Lenkszus
International Standard Electric Corporation
G09G 1/00
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