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An endoscope includes in a viewing head of its insertable section into a cavity of a living body an image sensor for generating a video signal which in turn is transmitted to a television display to be visualized thereon as a television picture. A manual control section of the endoscope according to the present invention comprises a connector section connected to the rear end of the insertable section on one and same axial line and a grip section. The center axis of which is inclined at an angle .theta. (90.degree.<.theta.<180.degree.) to the center axis of the connector section, being grasped at least with a third finger and a little finger, the connector section and the grip section forming a generally pistol shape. As the result, the manual control section is formed into a generally pistol shape, whereby control buttons for air and water supply and for suction can be provided at a position corresponding to a trigger portion, so that the handling of the control buttons can be facilitated. In consequence, even if the endoscope is used for a long period of time, the fatigue of the operator remains low.

Construction of manual control section of endoscope
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April 23, 1985
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October 21, 1986
Satoshi Arakawa
Parkhurst & Oliff
Fuji Photo Optical
A61B 1/00
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