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A universal combination diaper/training pant for children and adults is disclosed. The combination may be made in a one-piece configuration which would be disposable and may also be made in a two-piece configuration which would be washable. An outer water-resistant portion is formed in the shape of a pair of training pants and has an inner water-absorbing portion attached or positioned on the outer portion. An inner padding is positioned between the outer water-resistant portions and the inner water-absorbing portion.

When formed thusly the combination diaper/training pant may be used universally by children as well as adults and may be used as a diaper and/or training pant without requiring the necessity of stocking both types of garments. By varying the basic size of the novel configurations, all sizes from infants to adults can be made using the same structure, thus requiring a minimum of merchandize stocking for different types of garments.

Combination diaper training pant for children and adults
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November 14, 1983
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October 7, 1986
Rosanna M Cooper
1150 Syracuse, Bldg. 15, Apt. 280, Denver, 80220
Timothy J Martin
A61F 13/16
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