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A container case includes a cover, a base and a hinge which pivotally joins the cover and the base on a corresponding side of each. The cover, base and hinge are formed by blow molding. The cover and base are double-walled in construction and identical so that they can be formed from the same mold. Each of the cover and base includes cylindrically-shaped, hollow extensions which form portions of the hinge. When the case is assembled, alternate hinge portions of the cover and base are aligned end-to-end along a common axis and cooperatingly mate to form the full hinge. The hinge is drilled to form openings in the end surfaces of the mating hinge portions which communicate with the interior, hollow areas of the hinge portions to form a single bore through the entire axial length of the hinge. A polyethylene pin is received by the hinge bore to interlock the individual hinge portions. The container case is also provided with a slidable latch having a C-shaped polyethylene bracket which slides on rails or tracks formed on extensions of corresponding sides of the cover and base. The bracket is capable of sliding to overlap mating edge portions of the latch extensions to keep the container case closed.

Molded container case with hinge and method for making same
Application Number
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June 5, 1985
Publication Date
October 7, 1986
James E Byrns
Curtis Morris & Safford
Custom Pak Incorporated
B29C 49/00
B23P 11/00
B65D 6/02
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