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A submersible motor pump wherein the thermal barrier between the pump housing and the motor housing contains at least one bellows or at least one cylinder and piston unit storing a supply of liquid for admission into the motor housing so as to maintain the motor housing in filled condition. The contents of the motor housing are circulated and cooled by a high-pressure cooler, and the liquid which is to be conveyed from the pressure equalizing device into the motor housing when the pressure of liquid in the pump housing rises is admitted into the motor housing by way of the cooler so that it is cooled prior to entering the motor housing. The shaft which is driven by the motor and rotates the impeller or impellers of the centrifugal pump in the pump housing extends through the thermal barrier and is surrounded by a seal receiving a sealing liquid from that source which supplies liquid to the chamber or chambers of the pressure equalizing device so as to compensate for liquid which is expelled from the chamber or chambers and enters the motor housing by way of the cooler.

Pressure equalizing device for the electric motor of an encapsulated motor-pump assembly
Application Number
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May 5, 1982
Publication Date
September 30, 1986
Karl Gaffal
Peter K Kontler
Klein Schanzlin & Becker Aktiengesellschaft
F04B 39/06
F04B 35/00
F04B 17/00
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