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An electronic tissue stimulator system is provided comprising a plurality of electrodes to be implanted adjacent tissue to be stimulated in a patient. A transmitting means transmits stimulation pulses for stimulating the electrodes and programming data defining which of the electrodes are to be stimulated and the electrical polarity of the electrodes relative to one another. A receiving means to be surgically-implanted within the patient which receives the stimulation pulses and the programming data, and delivers the energy in the stimulation pulses to the electrodes as defined by the programming data. Using an internal voltage source, only the programming data need be transmitted which define electrode selection and polarity and stimulation pulse parameters. Physical parameters can be measured and used to modify programming data. Dose periods are defined by programming data and/or a combination of programming data and physical parameter measurements.

Non-invasive multiprogrammable tissue stimulator
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July 16, 1984
Publication Date
September 23, 1986
William N Borkan
3364 NE. 167th St., N. Miami Beach, 33160
Barnes & Thornburg
A61N 1/36
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