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A method and apparatus for recognizing and sorting articles. The apparatus includes at least one reading station having an optoelectronic sensor for forming an image pattern of each article, an evaluation device connected to the optoelectronic sensor and a transporting device which transports the articles underneath the optoelectronic sensor. The transporting device includes an endless transporting belt having a conveying surface with transversely disposed ribs for subdividing the surface into a plurality of sections. The method includes generating input signals representing predetermined data associated with each article before the respective article is placed onto the transporting device; feeding the input signals to the evaluation device; placing each article onto the belt into a respective, pre-assigned section; transporting each article past the optoelectronic sensor in an aligned position relative to the optoelectronic sensor and with the conveying surface of the belt forming an oblique angle with a horizontal plane, the angle opening in a direction normal to the longitudinal dimension of the conveying surface; producing image data with the use of the optoelectronic sensor for each article as it is transported past such sensor; feeding the image data to the evaluation device; and automatically removing the articles from the respective belt sections according to predetermined sorting criteria at at least one separation station which is controlled by the evaluation device.

Method for recognizing and sorting articles
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February 22, 1984
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September 9, 1986
Ernst August Muller
Spencer & Frank
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B07C 5/02
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