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The invention contemplates a shock-absorbing shoe sole which provides adjustably inflated pneumatic support at the rear half of the sole, and a graduated reduction of shock-absorbing from the inflated support region, to a forefoot-support region of minimum compliant yieldability. The construction involves two separate parts, one of which is molded with surface configurations to confront the other part, and the graduated-support action derives from bonding these two parts to each other, with an inflatable bladder substantially conforming to and deriving peripherally confining restraint from at least one such surface configuration. In one embodiment, a removable in-sole panel provides access for repair and/or replacement of the inflatable bladder.

Shock-absorbing shoe construction
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November 15, 1985
Publication Date
September 9, 1986
Antonio Signori
Rua Vereador Cibelli, 357, Farroupilha RS
Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein & Judlowe
A43B 13/20
A43B 13/18
A43B 7/06
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