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Support Panel for cantilever hangers or the like for use especially in a retail store for display of small items of merchandise. Display equipment of this general character has been known and used in self-service stores, where a customer selects an item from an open display on cantilever arms detachably mounted on a vertically disposed "pegboard." In the past such panels have usually been formed of wood, plywood or the like, possibly secured to a baseboard of stiff material such as sheet steel to provide necessary strength and rigidity. The present invention contemplates a composite panel comprising a plurality of narrow slatlike plates of sheet metal, plastic or other suitable material mounted in parallel horizontal relation. The "slats" are flanged along their longitudinal edges to permit their nesting or interengagement as well as to provide a longitudinal groove or recess for engaging a terminal member on one end of a cantilever hanger, to permit engagement of the hangers at many points along such groove, said flanges also stiffening the slats. The slats may be perforated or imperforate to provide for support of hangers with a variety of terminal support members for attachment to the board. Thus, a hanger may have a terminal hook formed by bending the rod, said hook seatable in the groove; or it may have wire prongs seatable in selected perforations in a slat, or a combination of such attachment means.

Slotted wall merchandise display panel
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June 29, 1984
Publication Date
August 26, 1986
John R Radek
Samuel Lebowitz
Ready Metal Manufacturing Company
A47F 5/08
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