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A combination endotracheal tube and stethoscope is provided so as to allow simultaneous patient ventilation and monitoring of vital sounds by a single instrument. The tracheal tube includes an inflation cuff adjacent the distal end and a longitudinal pressure conduit to inflate the cuff so as to peripherally seal the assembly against the trachea wall. An audio cuff extends at least partially coextensive and concentrically with the inflation cuff and has sufficient resiliency to vibrate in response to the patient's vital sounds. The inflation cuff comprises a highly flexible bulb in direct contact with the trachea wall and the audio cuff is a sleeve inside the bulb and spaced peripherally from the tube to allow vibration. The sleeve is sufficiently stable to maintain the spacing even upon inflation of the bulb. Preferably, the sleeve is positioned wholly within the inflation bulb. The pressure conduit extends longitudinally along the tube and opens into communication with the inflation cuff. An audio conduit extends along the side wall and opens through a plurality of ports forming an audio manifold into the audio cuff.

Endotracheal tube/stethoscope combination
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November 9, 1984
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August 26, 1986
Thomas H McKay
Meadowoods Apts., No. 28, 1701 Clay St., Flatwoods, 41139
Floyd R Bell
1530 Summa Meadow Rd., Lexington, 40502
King and Schickli
A61B 5/02
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