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A toy building block system includes a plurality of blocks, each having an array of cylindrical projections extending from one surface thereof and a like array of socket-like receptacles in the opposite surface for stackable interconnection. In addition, one end of each block includes a pair of hinge arms extending therefrom, with a pair of detent knobs formed on the confronting interior surfaces of the arms. The opposed end of each block includes opposed recessed surface portions, each having a detent recess to receive the knob of a hinge arm of an adjacent block in snap-engaging, pivotting fashion. The blocks thus may be joined end-to-end in pivotting fashion by the hinge arms, as well as stackably in column fashion by the projections and receptacles, or any combination thereof.

Interlocking toy building blocks with interconnecting, releasable hinges
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June 15, 1984
Publication Date
August 19, 1986
Ronald Lyman
11140 Squanan River Ct., Rancho Cordova, 95670
Howard Cohen
Harris Zimmerman
A63H 33/08
A63H 33/12
A63H 33/04
A63H 33/06
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