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A device for tensioning belts or the like, comprising a first portion adapted to have one end of the belt fastened thereto and a second portion adapted to be brought into engagement with a portion of the belt spaced through a distance from one end of the belt and locating the same in the tensioning position vis-a-vis the first portion, whereby the two portions which are formed of synthetic material are adapted to be connected to each other and to the belt in a manner to be pivotable such that upon pivotal movement into the tensioning position a limited shortening occurs in the length clamped by the belt between the two points that have been established, and in that the portions are interlockable in the clamping position via an arresting connection, said arresting connection being releasable by means of an actuation portion accessible from outside.

Device for tensioning belts or the like
Application Number
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October 9, 1984
Publication Date
August 12, 1986
Heino Arff
T W Buckman
A J Brunett
J P O Brien
ITW Ateco
A44B 11/25
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