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There is provided a fitting for a window for single-handedly swinging and tilting such window, said fitting being arranged, with the exception of the operating handle provided with a position-arresting facility, concealed between the frame and casement of the window, with at least one lock facility consisting of a lock pin on the casement side as well as a lock plate on the frame side; a tilting facility associated with the bottom cross member of the window frame; a bottom hinge for swinging and tilting; and a swinging top hinge cooperating with a scissors-type lever system or linkage for tilting the window. The window fitting includes a flat belt revolving in the casement of the window in a guide channel with inserted corner turning facilities, the flat belt being rigidly connected with a driving lug for the operating handle, the lock pin of the lock facility, a lock element of the tilting facility and with a lock element of the scissors-type lever system for tilting the window.

Window fitting for single handed swinging and tilting of the window
Application Number
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Application Date
August 13, 1984
Publication Date
July 29, 1986
Ulrich Kreusel
Schlosstr. 14, 6531 Gensingen
Collard Roe & Galgano
E05D 15/52
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