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The present invention relates to an interactive communication system, such as an interactive cable television system (10), for providing an interactive information output over a common output channel from a plurality of remotely transmitted different information inputs (22, 24, 26, 28, 30) and, more particularly, relates to an improved method for interactively creating a selection profile for a subscriber and interactively selecting in real time one of a plurality of messages, such as television commercials or game scores, based upon the selection profile whereby multiple users of a one-way television signal distribution network (60) may obtain an individualized or tailored program information content for a television programming sequence. The selection profile may be created in advance of transmission of the television program or commercial or during transmission of a given program and may be varied from the head end. In this manner, highly tailored information may be provided to particular subscribers based on their individual profiles as recognized by the system. In addition, selection profiles comprising subsets of a group of parameters may also be created with the tailored programming based on the subsets as well.

Method for providing targeted profile interactive CATV displays
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March 21, 1984
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July 22, 1986
Michael J Freeman
Sands Point
Stiefel Gross Kurland & Pavane
H04N 7/10
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