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The invention provides a novel integrated body of an elongated form capable of sustainedly releasing vapor of a vaporizable substance contained in the body into the atmosphere, such as an aromatic compound, pesticide, fungicide and a sex pheromone as a means for the control of a pest. The inventive sustainedly vapor-releasing integrated body is very advantageous in the high efficiency of shaping into desired configuration and setting or installation in the field in large numbers by virtue of the good shape-retainability as a result of the integrated structure composed of a capillary tubing of a polymeric material filled with the vaporizable substance and a metal wire with plastic deformability and a sufficiently large cross section and integrated side-by-side with the capillary tubing to retain the latter in the compulsorily deformed disposition. The inventive integrated bodies are suitable for mass production in a relatively simple process.

Sustainedly vapor-releasing body having excellent shape-retainability
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
February 26, 1982
Publication Date
July 15, 1986
Shigeru Ohno
Toren McGeady Stanger Goldberg & Kiel
Shin Etsu Chemical
A61L 9/04
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