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A garbage to hydrocarbon fuel conversion system is provided which generates electricity and hydrocarbon gases from combustible garbage. The garbage is pulverized and then burned in a destructive distillation process. The heat produced is used to generate electrical power. Dust precipitated by an electrostatic cottrell precipitator is mixed with light oil and burned in an oil burner. The heat obtained is used to maintain the destructive distillation. The gases which rise to the top of the precipitator are passed through a hydroxide solution which leaves a layer of tar and oil floating on top of the solution and a volume of hydrocarbon gases on top of this layer.

Garbage to hydrocarbon fuel conversion system
Application Number
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July 8, 1985
Publication Date
July 15, 1986
William A Gould
486 - 14th St., Brooklyn, 11215
Richard L Miller
F23B 7/00
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