04596713 is referenced by 103 patents and cites 33 patents.

A microwave food package for preparing foods such as shelf-stable popcorn containing a packet of food additive or flavoring which is automatically dispersed over the food product when the package is heated by microwave radiation within the microwave oven during the cooking cycle. The package is constructed from a paper/polyester laminate and includes vent holes covered with a heat softenable polypropylene film for regulating the pressure and temperature within the package. The packet containing the additive or flavoring is also constructed from a polypropylene film which softens and eventually tears under heat and pressure within the package to disperse its contents over the product.

Microwave food packets capable of dispersing a food additive during heating
Application Number
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May 10, 1984
Publication Date
June 24, 1986
Darrell C Burdette
90 Allison Dr., Florence, 41042-0191
Frost & Jacobs
B65D 27/08
B65D 81/34
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