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An implement for setting sutures particularly suitable for use in situations where access to the tissue to be sutured is difficult. The implement includes a pair of hinged arms, each having a handle portion and a jaw portion. The tip of one jaw has a tissue piercing hook and the tip of the other jaw has a notch or opening through which the hook may pass. A series of guides and openings position the suture above the opening for engagement by the hook. When the jaws are closed about the tissue, the hook will pass through the tissue and the suture will ride around the hook. The suture will be engaged by the hook and upon opening the jaws, the hook will pull a loop of suture through the tissue, the loop may then be cut and the suture fixed in the usual manner.

Implement for setting sutures
Application Number
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July 26, 1983
Publication Date
June 24, 1986
Henry Puchalski
234 4th St., Palisade Park, 07650
Vincent J Freda
Robin La., Alpine, 07620
William L Botjer
A61B 17/04
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