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A two piece container (2) for cooking food in a microwave oven including an outer package (4, 60) formed from a single blank having a removable section (8, 72, 74, 80c) for exposing water vapor ventilation holes and an inner food supporting tray (6, 48). In one embodiment, the inner food supporting tray (6) is formed from a single blank and having V-shaped support legs (44 and 46) to raise the food supporting surface (38) above the surface of the outer package. The material from which the outer package is made has a vapor absorptive characteristic. The inner food supporting tray (6, 48) is completely coated on one side with a microwave absorptive material for heating up to brown or crisp the surface of food in contact with the tray (6) and may be, in addition, coated with a stick and grease resistant material. In one embodiment of the outer package (4), a microwave reflective shielding layer is included on an inner top panel (34) to prevent overcooking of the top of food contained within the container. A method for efficiently laminating the microwave reflective layer to paperboard stock for forming the outer package means is also disclosed.

Two-blank disposable container for microwave food cooking
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June 15, 1983
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June 3, 1986
Morris W Kuchenbecker
Sixbey Friedman & Leedom
James River Dixie Northern
B65D 5/00
B65D 81/34
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