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A game of skill is playable by several remote participants in conjunction with a live event, for example, a football game which is being observed by the participants on their television receivers. In the participant's remote location, a game console receives various game instructions and scoring information including the snap time, for example, of a football play via an FM subcarrier channel. Part of the data of this channel provides lockout information to prevent a play from being entered after the ball has been snapped. Scoring at the remote location is provided by a memory table at the remote location in association with degree of difficulty data which is transmitted via the FM system. In addition, a verification code or anti-cheating technique is provided by the use of several counters which are randomly started by counter start signals also transmitted over the FM system. After the live event, in a very short time interval, via telephone lines, all of the counter and scoring information is downloaded to a central computer to be checked, verified and final standings of all the various participants are computed.

Game of skill playable by remote participants in conjunction with a live event
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April 26, 1984
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June 3, 1986
David B Lockton
97 Hawthorne Dr., Atherton, 94025
Anthony C Fascenda
97 Hawthorne Dr., Pacifica
Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert
David B Lockton
A63F 9/22
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