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A record card transducing apparatus and method employing a rotational support, such as a turntable for supporting a record card, to cause the card to be driven in a circular path when the turntable rotates, wherein one or more circular tracks of the card may be recorded on or reproduced from as the card is so rotated. In one form, the card is so positioned on the turntable, and its concentric circular tracks are configured to center at center of rotation of the turntable so that as the card is rotated, a magnetic recording and/or reproduction transducer may be moved across the turntable into alignment with a selected circular track and may scan such selected circular track as the turntable rotates. In a particular form, a magnetic record card or a card having a wide magnetic record strip, is manually or automatically placed in a cavity formed in the top wall of a circular turntable, disposing its magnetic recording surface or strip in the plane of or above the plane of the upper surface of the turntable. The card may be automatically ejected from the turntable when transducing is completed or manually removed therefrom. The magnetic recording system may also be changed to an electro-optical system.

Record card transducing apparatus and method
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February 16, 1983
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May 27, 1986
Christian Grund
707 L. Eagle Heights, Madison, 53705
Jerome H Lemelson
85 Rector St., Metuchen, 08840
G11B 23/00
G11B 25/04
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