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In a display system for generating a display of graphic objects over a video camera picture, the graphic objects to be displayed are represented by transition specifications stored in a memory. The transition specifications contain data identifying the horizontal position at the start of each transition between the camera picture and the graphic object, the width of the transition, the brightness in the graphic object, and a weight step value corresponding to the inverse of the width of the transition. As the electron beam of a cathode ray tube display device traverses a transition, a weighting value is continuously computed by changing the weighting value from the beginning value on one side to the final value on the other side in steps equal to weight step size. The computed weighting value is used to control the mixing of the video camera picture signal and a video signal representing the graphic objects in the transitions between the video camera picture and the graphic objects.

System for generating a display of graphic objects over a video camera picture
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March 8, 1984
Publication Date
May 27, 1986
Steven D Edelson
7 Sears Rd., Wayland, 01778
Lane and Aitken
H04N 9/76
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