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Two hangable display packages, one being a plastic bag container and the other a cardboard box container, have a separate rigid plastic hanger for hanging on a rod or the like of a display rack. The plastic bag is of a different material than the plastic hanger which is disposed within a pocket formed at the top of the bag with the hook portion of the hanger extending through a hole in the top peripheral edge of the bag, and the bag has layers thereof bonded together slightly below the lower edges of arms of the hanger to entrap the hanger within the bag. A method of forming the hangable package by properly positioning the hanger within the bag and bonding the layers of the bag together while the top edge of the hanger arms are properly positioned against the top peripheral edge of the bag is disclosed. The cardboard box package has an extension of the rear wall in which a slit is formed along a fold line and an arcuate slot is formed in the rear wall at a disposition for receivably capturing the leading edge of the extension so that the hook of the hanger may be positioned within the slit and the extension folded down and retained within the arcuate slot.

Hanging product display packages
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
February 14, 1985
Publication Date
May 20, 1986
Steven B Rhyne
Alan Ruderman
Rhyne & Company
B65D 33/14
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