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A novel and innovative series of programs are deployed to actuate and control the novel embodiment of an automated laser wave detection and emissive delivery system known as the Improved Coherent Beam Coupler which is useful in surgical operations and high resolution analytic procedures. The programs are collectively designed to provide the highest resolution of optical electronic spectra data and to promote the fastest most reliable response time necessary to control the electronic composition, dispersal, and wave amplitude modulation of emissive sources. High energy multiple emissions are generated in discrete steps which are specified by impulses derived or obtained from an array of feedback sensors. The necessary tactical and logistic information necessary to engage target loci, analyze specific chemical species or any associated processes are specified by pre-existing data contained within the existing framework of readily accessible programs. Contained within the body or framework of the programming network is the capacity to make rapid and very specific alterations in the operations of subsystems of the Improved Coherent Beam Coupler based on digitized feedback signals obtained from the array of sensors. The added capability to key on the spot modifications in the programming sequence is an essential process when dealing with nonhomogenous systems which are subjected to conditions of dynamic flux.

Programming format and apparatus for the improved coherent beam coupler system and method
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May 27, 1983
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May 13, 1986
Larry Rosenberg
3440 Caroline Ave., Culver City, 90230
Malke Leah
Larry Rowan
G05B 19/00
G06F 15/20
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