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A computer-assisted audio/visual teaching system which presents synchronized audio and visual instructional material to an individual student. Standard classroom components, including a microcomputer, television monitor, disk drive (or computer cassette recorder), and stereo cassette player are combined with an audio control module to present drill and practice and tutorial lessons containing written text and graphics, as well as recorded instructional narrative which is synchronized with a computer program. The audio control module allows computer-generated sound effects to be incorporated with recorded instructional narrative. A student observes the computer-driven visual portion of an instructional lesson on a television monitor and listens to the player-reproduced audio portion of the lesson through headphones. At selected intervals, the lesson presents questions or problems to which the student responds via a computer keyboard. Depending on the student's response, narration recorded on a 2-channel audio tape provides appropriate positive reinforcement or remedial instruction. Since few inexpensive stereo players include a remote control jack, a power control module is provided to remotely control power to the player. Actuation control signals to energize the cassette player are obtained from a television monitor screen, computer output port, or from a computer-generated tone. The cassette player is deenergized by control signals recorded on one channel of the above-mentioned 2-channel audio tape.

Computer-assisted audio/visual teaching system
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March 15, 1985
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May 6, 1986
James W Groff
15335 La Alameda, Morgan Hill, 95037
G09B 7/04
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