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The addition of a getter consisting essentially of reactive oxides of boron and silicon, to a melt of an alkali metal halide serves to overcome problems of unacceptable color, afterglow and hardness attributable to trace impurities present in the melt. These trace impurities are generally metals present in a concentration less than 1 part per million (ppm) parts of melt. An ingot melt-grown from charge stock treated with the getter provides high quality optical bodies such as light pipes, laser windows and scintillators. Specific problems characteristic of a scintillator ingot grown from a highly purified alkali metal halide "remelt", such as is obtained by crushing and melting portions of a melt-grown ingot, are overcome by adding to the remelt a portion of fresh powder stock in which the getter has been uniformly distributed. A process is taught for the Stockbarger growth of a scintillator ingot from a charge stock treated to include a getter consisting essentially of the combined reactive oxides of boron and silicon, comprising superheating a melt of treated charge stock for a period of time sufficient to react at least some of the reactive oxides with deleterious trace impurities present in the melt, and growing a scintillator ingot free from discoloration, afterglow or undue hardness due to the presence of the impurities.

Sodium iodide, light pipe
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June 25, 1984
Publication Date
May 6, 1986
Carl F Swinehart
University Heights
James A Lucas
Harshaw Filtrol Partnership
G02B 5/14
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