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In a method and an apparatus for sorting fruits and vegetables which is arranged to convey fruits and vegetables of various shapes such as spheroidal shapes, spherical massive shapes, non-spherical massive shapes or amorphous shapes one by one on a tray device, a measuring device including a planar-shape dimension measuring unit, a side-shape dimension measuring unit and a weight measuring unit is arranged at a part of a conveying path to sort and rank the object to be sorted by comparing the results of measurement with sorting classification values preset by a computing device. The measuring device permits selection of the planar shape, side shape or weight. The apparatus includes a fruit or vegetable distribution section which includes receiving bins of different sizes determined according to ranking by the measuring device. One or plurality of the objects are dispersively discharged into these bins by a discharge device according to the sizes of the bins.

Method and apparatus for sorting fruits and vegetables
Application Number
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July 21, 1983
Publication Date
May 6, 1986
Taichi Horii
Wenderoth Lind & Ponack
Kabushiki Kaisha Maki Seisakusho
B07C 5/28
B07C 5/04
B07C 5/00
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