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A low cost, true-perspective texture/shading processor (16) for a raster graphics display is based on a mathematical model which defines modulations globally over the entire simulated, visual environment. The model uses planes defined in three-dimensional space to define the modulation. These texture planes are all orthogonal to a single gradient in a flat reference plane and cut across any number of faces. The texture/shading processor is used in a computer image generator of the type wherein a first group (11) manages a visual data base (10) and transfers data to the active environment storage of a second group (12). The second group reduces the three-dimensional description of the environment supplied by the first group to a two-dimensional description, makes perspective transformation of data into coordinates of a view window and assigns a priority to each surface of the computed scene. A third group reduces the two-dimensional description generated by the second group to a scan line by generating edge data (14) to locate where edges cross the scan line and responds to the assigned priorities (15) to eliminate hidden surfaces and generates the video for display ( 17) including edge smoothing, shading and texture effects. The second group further includes a face modulation processor (13) for computing data describing each texture and shading model and data describing the plane of each textured or shaded face. The texture/shading processor (16) is in the third group and is responsive to initialization data from the first group and the data computed by the face modulation processor for computing texture and shading modulation signals.

True-perspective texture/shading processor
Application Number
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December 12, 1983
Publication Date
April 29, 1986
Jimmy E Chandler
Holly Hill
Edward M Sims
Ormond Beach
Richard V Lang
Carl W Baker
General Electric Company
G09G 1/06
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