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A life support stretcher bed includes an undercarriage which is supported on the ground for movement from one location to another by respective wheels which are commonly lockable by a braking mechanism to prevent movement of the undercarriage from a selected location. A platform is supported on the undercarriage for raising and lowering relative thereto by means of a hydraulically operating lifting arrangement which includes a control arrangement mounted on the undercarriage. An intraaortic balloon pump unit that is supported on the ground by respective casters for movement in any direction along the ground is connected to the undercarriage for shared movement therewith at a predetermined distance from the undercarriage. The platform includes straps for holding the patient supported in a supine position on the platform in such position, and side rails which can be moved from a position above the platform into an out-of-the way position. The undercarriage further has a set of drawers for medical supplies and implements, a shelf for temporary resting of the supplies and implements to be used for the particular patient, an oxygen bottle, a weighing device, a power pack and a Swan and an A-line transducer mounted thereon, while the platform carries a shelf which supports a defibrillator, and a plurality of upright rods having fingers for suspending intravenous fluid bottles and similar equipment therefrom. An X-ray cassette can be inserted from the side into a slot of the undercarriage. The platform has a window receiving a plate that supports the chest of the patient and that can be lifted out of the window by a rack-and-pinion drive.

Life support stretcher bed
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December 20, 1984
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April 29, 1986
Rosemarie Stith
100-26 G Darrow Pl., Bronx, 10475
Kirschstein Kirschstein Ottinger & Israel
A61G 1/02
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