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A data carrier (preferably shaped as a credit card or the like) holds information about the owner, card issuing organization, account number, etc., and comprises an internal processor for processing supplied identification information of the owner during a card verification process, and for generating an acceptance signal as a result of a positive verification. The internal processor includes a verification device which comprises a sensor (2) for sensing a fingertip of the owner and obtaining corresponding finger print line information. The sensor has sensing elements, each having a sensing surface (9') for contacting the fingertip and a registration device (23,24) which is controllable by the sensing surface. The verification device also includes a reader (3) for reading the state of registration of the fingerprint on the sensing surface, a signal processor (4) for forming an identification bit sequence from the registration state information, a memory (6) for permanently storing a previously and correspondingly obtained reference bit sequence, a comparator (5) for comparing the identification bit sequence and the reference bit sequence and for generating an acceptance signal (coincidence) between the sequences is acceptable, and a controller for the control and current supply (8,10) of the verification device during the verification process.

Data carrier
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November 12, 1982
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April 15, 1986
Bo Lofberg
Vindragarvagen 12, S-117 40 Stockholm
Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward
G06K 5/00
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