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In a wire shipping and dispensing package comprising a wire-carrying spool disposed vertically in a generally rectangular carton having side and end walls extending upwardly from a substantially square bottom section to define a substantially square open top, the lower end portion of the carton is adapted to frictionally fit within the upper end portion of a substantially identical carton disposed therebelow. A pad sheet is removably secured in the open top of the carton in engagement with the rim of an upwardly cupped upper end flange of the spool and provides a seating surface for the bottom section of a substantially identical carton disposed thereabove with its lower end portion fitted into the upper end portion of the lower carton. The pad sheet has a central opening therein providing access to handle means affixed to the spool and located within the confines of the upper end flange for manual lifting and transport of the spool by the handle means while the carton is retained on the spool by the pad sheet.

Wire shipping and dispensing package
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
February 19, 1985
Publication Date
April 15, 1986
Louis G Ditton
Fort Wayne
Robert D Sommer
Essex Group
B65D 85/67
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