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A device, useful for breath analysis and as an amusement device, comprising a flexible tube which can be extended from a shortened condition to an extended condition, one end of the tube being secured to a mouthpiece unit including both an input opening, through which breath can be exhaled into the tube, and an exhaust opening; spring means for urging the tube to its shortened condition; an escape opening at the end of the tube opposite the mouthpiece unit; and pressure regulating means for opening the escape opening when the tube has been inflated by breath exhaled through the input opening. Advantageously, the tube is a collapsible, non-self-supporting polymeric tube and the spring means is effective to roll the tube upon itself in spiral fashion toward the mouthpiece unit.

Method and device for analyzing human breath
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September 30, 1983
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April 1, 1986
Stephen M Roylance
12210 Glen Mill Rd., Potomac, 20854
Craig E Bolton
20400 Frederick Rd., Germantown, 20874
G01N 21/78
G01N 1/22
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