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An improved dual chamber cardiac pacing apparatus detects retrograde P-waves conduction by either determining polarity of the P-wave at a location in the right atrium adjacent the A-V node; or the sequence of signals which appear at this predetermined location and at a second predetermined location in the atrium in proximity to the sinus node. The pacing apparatus will ignore retrograde P-waves when initiating sequential pacing in the ventricle. In addition, the pacing apparatus will provide a burst of high rate atrial pacing pulses upon detection of the simultaneous occurrence of retrograde P-wave conduction, high rate heart beat and narrow QRS complexes.

Method and apparatus for alleviating paroxysmal atrail tachycardia
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July 2, 1985
Publication Date
March 25, 1986
Lawrence J Gessman
1929 W. Point Ct., Cherry Hill, 08003
Benasutti and Murray
A61N 1/36
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