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A miniature flashlight comprising a barrel, a tail cap, a head assembly, and a miniature bulb holder and providing interruptible contact to batteries within the barrel. The bulb holder comprises an insulated receptacle disposed external to the barrel end which the head assembly engages, a second insulated receptacle within the barrel engaging the first insulated receptacle enabling the first and second insulated receptacles to translate axially and limited by a flange on the first insulated receptacle and an annular lip formed inwardly at the barrel end, and a pair of conductors mounted in the second insulated receptacle such that one of the conductors couples the center electrode of a battery with the first bulb pin and the other conductor member couples the second bulb pin to the barrel lip. A spring fits between the tail cap and the batteries. The electrical circuit is closed by the barrel, the tail cap, and the spring to couple the second lamp pin to the battery case terminal. By threading the head assembly onto the barrel causing head assembly translation towards the tail cap, the reflector moves with respect to the bulb varying dispersion of the reflected lamp beam. Further rotation of the head assembly causes the reflector to contact the first insulated receptacle, translating the first insulated receptacle, the second insulated receptacle, and the batteries against the spring, until the first insulated receptacle flange abuts the barrel end, whereat the side conductor no longer contacts the barrel lip opening the circuit. The head assembly may be removed from the barrel and utilized as a base into which the tail cap and barrel may be inserted to stand the miniature flashlight, in its "on" condition, for use as a miniature table lamp.

Miniature flashlight
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September 6, 1984
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March 18, 1986
Anthony Maglica
219 Armsluy Sq., Ontario, 91762
Spensley Horn Jubas & Lubitz
F21L 7/00
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