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The improved anchoring bolt device of the present invention is adapted to be inserted through an opening in a wall such as ceiling, sidewall or floor and also openings in other walls, such as those of furniture, mattresses, appliances, etc., so as to anchor fixtures, appliances, furniture, etc., to the wall. The device includes a bolt having an elongated shaft adapted to extend through the opening and bearing on its front end one or more arms pivotally connected thereto and urged from a collapsed position which enables them to pass through the opening to an operative normally unfolded position behind the wall so as to anchor the device in place in the wall. The rear end of the shaft may have a loop or other means for pulling the shaft back to prevent its loss in the wall. A collet is releasably secured as by threading or ratcheting, over the shaft to hold a fixture to the outside of the wall. The collet may include tool grips and/or fingers engageable with the ridged shaft exterior in order to adjust its length. The shaft may be frangible in order to adjust its length and a cap may be provided to cover the collet. Spikes may project from the front face of the collet and rear faces of the arms to anchor them in place. The arms are in one plane and are preferably long and narrow to facilitate installation of the bolt next to a stud or header or base plate. Preferably, all components are of very inexpensive, durable resilient plastic.

Anchoring bolt device
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November 25, 1983
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March 4, 1986
Gareth J Smith
15533 Tupper St., Sepulveda, 91343
John J Posta Jr
F16B 21/00
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