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A method is disclosed of constructing a housing development in which the necessity for taking repetitious measurements and re-measurements throughout the various stages of construction is minimized. A construction surface in the form of the floor of a school or building in a shopping center associated with the housing development initially is established. Full scale dimensionally-stable, flexible templates are used at each building site location to mark the foundation footings and plumbing trenches required for the houses to be built. A first metal frame and all of the below-floor plumbing is assembled together as a unit. The first frame then is moved to the lot location after trenching has been completed, and is lowered in place prior to the pouring of the concrete foundation and the floor of the house. A second template is used to mark the location of various construction items for the house on the construction surface. Construction of the remainder of the house then is accomplished on a second metal frame placed on the construction surface. After completion, the house is moved to the building location and the second metal frame is welded to the first metal frame to complete the house construction.

Method of constructing houses
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March 11, 1985
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March 4, 1986
Robert J Caretto
1906 E. Vinedo, Tempe, 85284
LaValle D Ptak
E04B 1/00
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